Air through the eyes.

Helicopters taking off from necks.

A thunderstorm inside of a cathedral.

Aquatic soundscapes in a Moroccan taxicab.

Mike Vernusky works with electronic sound, field recordings, language, and found sound objects to create music & radiophonic art that desintegrates boundaries of sonic space, identity, era and culture.

His music has been described as ‘brash’... New York Times, ‘isolationist’ ... The Wire, 'especially otherworldly' ... New Music USA, 'strange & intriguing' ... by Exclaim, and 'étonnante' by EtherReal France.

He lives in Austin, Texas. In addition to his compositional work, Vernusky is also an Experience Analyst at Apple.


Mike Vernusky's music has been performed at Festival International de Música Experimental São Paulo, Sonic Mmabolela South Africa, Marrakech Biennale, Madeira Contemporary Music Residency, Ionian University of Corfu in Greece, Visiones Sonoras Mexico, GMEM Marseille, Experimental Intermedia, Art Basel Miami, among others.

Vernusky is supported by Digital Art Awards of Tokyo, Music at the Anthology, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Meet The Composer/ MetLife, June in Buffalo, ASCAP, and El Centro Méxicano para la Musica y Artes Sonoras. He has presented at İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Alte Schmiede Vienna, Goldsmiths University of London, University of Huddersfield, UK, and The University of Notre Dame for their inaugural Sacred Music Conference. 

Vernusky holds degrees in Composition from The University of Texas at Austin and in Guitar Performance from Mercyhurst University. He is an alum of the WordBridge Playwrights Laboratory in Baltimore, working in an interdisciplinary environment of directors, actors, dramaturgs, playwrights, mathematicians, behavioral scientists, storytellers, and improvisational artists. His past teachers & mentors include William Duckworth, Denis Smalley, and Francisco López.

Mike's recorded music is published on BBC Audio, MIT Press, The Wire, Audiobulb Recordings, ASCAP, and Quiet Design, which he operated with Cory Allen from 2007-2015. This label went on to release over 25 albums of cutting edge sound art and experimental music on vinyl, disc, and online.



Polaroid by Scott Nyerges

Polaroid by Scott Nyerges