Theatre & Dance


The Babel Project  - with G. Romero, 75m
Workers are building a Tower of Babel for the present moment. The Foreman makes them forget by stealing language. A weeping willow carves into the skin of a quarry man, an electrician hears the ocean, an office worker sings a whale song, and the Wing Man—an angel—falls in love with the Bartender.  

Speaking through work sounds, replacement words, animal noises, broken gestures, and hundreds of floors of the tower, Babel’s workers try to remember why they are standing on their heads, what the scars mean, what are those clowns doing, and why they must break everything.

-Production, Towson University Theater Department
-Workshop and Residency, Wordbridge, Baltimore


Dallas  - with Greg Romero, 11m
A dream-like meditation on the days immediately surrounding the JFK assassination. Pulling directly from the original interrogation transcripts of the Investigation, Dallas is a live, historically based work for 5 actors, narrator, and electronic sound. 

-Sound and Music in Documentary Film Symposium, Huddersfield, UK

-Philadelphia Fringe Festival
-CD compilation, New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto


Radio Ghosts  - with Greg Romero, dir. M. Ozawa, 90m
A father tries to speak to his lost son through radio waves. A woman carrying a wool blanket appears and shatters the world. A physician tests his imagination with a patient who continually falls into fires. Using Electronic Voice Phenomenon as inspiration, Radio Ghosts is a multi-layered work that combines live performance and recorded sound, creating a real-time, performative conversation between what is live, what is electronically composed, and what is beyond our imagination. Commissioned by Austin Script Works.

-New Leaf Theatre, Chicago
-Boomerang Theater, Dramatist's Guild, NYC
-Painted Bride, Philadelphia
-FronteraFest, Austin

Fallen  - with M. Ozawa + Y. Kurosawa,  75m
The fallen bamboo leaves were stained a deep red by the blood of the murdered man. A single sword-stroke had pierced his breast. Did a thief commit the murder? Or was it the murdered man's beautiful young wife? FALLEN a modern adaptation of Japanese writer Akutagawa’s short story, “In A Grove,” combines music, drama, dance, and spectacle to create the ultimate murder mystery.

Premiered at Collaboraction, Chicago
Workshopped and staged at OuterSpace in Chicago
Yumi Kurosawa, koto
Matthew Ozawa, dramaturg
Mike Vernusky, electronic sounds