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Currently in the final stages of completion, excerpts of The Holy Sea have been performed at Alte Schmiede in Vienna, Austria, the Inaugural Sacred Music Conference at The University of Notre Dame, and the TransX Transmission Art Symposium in Toronto. Additional engagements to follow.

Currently in the final stages of completion, excerpts of The Holy Sea have been performed at Alte Schmiede in Vienna, Austria, the Inaugural Sacred Music Conference at The University of Notre Dame, and the TransX Transmission Art Symposium in Toronto. Additional engagements to follow.

The Holy Sea

Started in 2010, The Holy Sea is a transonic odyssey in 7 parts, loosely based on the liturgical Mass. Consisting of Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, and Clear, each portrait follows an orbit of radiophonic art, electroacoustic sound, religious rite, found sounds and theater machine. Every sound is extracted from hundreds of pre-existing & highly obscure vinyl records and placed into an entirely new and allegorical conversation about Life, Love, Spirituality, and Death.


I. Red - A Sacred Hypnosis (2010)

II. White - A Computational Rite (2012)

III. Blue - A Semi-Sacred Teleportation (2014)

IV. Green - The Xmas Gathering (2015)

V. Black - The Golden Door (2016)

VI. Pink - Tomorrow's Umbilical (2017)

VII. Clear - The Cylinder Beyond Within (2018)


I. RED - A Sacred Hypnosis (37 min)
Centered on the structure of the 16th Century form of the Latin liturgical Mass, through the course of this rite trains depart across the land, errant pilots search for darkened landing strips, and listeners can willfully induce self-hypnosis.

An American housewife is taken through hypnotic regression and reveals herself as a young Irish woman in a past life, while helicopters take off from necks and searchlights are cast on the Divine within. Lullabies are sung from a fishing boat and golf swings send electronic test signals into the stratosphere.

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II. WHITE - A Computational Rite (43 min)
A meditation expands into a cathedral. Computers from the 1980s are introduced and linked to the human mind as The Holy Bible is recited in Magyar. The Pledge of Allegiance is presented by a 3rd grade class assembly as you witness an actual wedding ceremony from 1963 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Along the way a spiritual guide leads us to the top of the Mountain in search of a sword and chalice, while The Lord’s Prayer is sung over Gregorian chant. Deep in the forest, trees are felled as wrecking balls are swung at oversized church bells. By the end of the story, you'll believe in miracles after hearing the beautiful voice of little Mary Ann Fino of the Mexia State School for special-needs children (1967). Also, Abraham Lincoln may or may not be assassinated.

III. BLUE - A Semi-Sacred Teleportation  (49min)
The year is 2001, and Orion and his sister Maia are cruising in a space module high above Earth. Piloted by a chatty computer named CD2, the siblings travel through Space in search of Man's origin only to discover mediocre surfers and Inuit folktales with life-lessons taught through metaphor. After receiving word from another space computer named Ralph, a State of Emergency now exists on planet Earth and decisions must be made for your survival. But do not panic. Repeat: Do not panic.

Improve your vision without the use of eyeglasses, and look at your reflection in the water. See the outline of your face, your shoulders, and the color of your hair. Notice the features of your face, and the color of your clothes. Come closer. You are able to see your entire body from head to toe. Notice how you are feeling. Come closer.As you gaze at your reflection, listen to the whispers.

IV. GREEN - The Xmas Gathering (36min)
In 3 movements, you'll hear a launchpad countdown on Christmas Eve as the narrator falls asleep. A group of skeptical kids travel back in time to find Jesus, when Dean Martin goes missing and blue whales are accompanied by a string orchestra.
After Dorothy is swept up by a tornado and meets The Wizard of Oz, a woodcutter is granted three wishes for not cutting down the Christmas tree. Five blind men feel out an elephant to find the true meaning of religion while Blackstone, the legendary magician, promises to give you the secret behind his best trick...if you listen just a bit longer (1959).

V. BLACK - The Golden Door (42min)
Experience the fun of dying as you take a charter flight to the afterlife. Here you'll receive one last hypnosis as you enter through the Pearly Gates on your way to Heaven's Hall of Fame. Take part in Harry Houdini's final seance from 1936, where an enrapt audience around the world attempts to conjure forth his spirit from the Dead using a trumpet, tambourine, and pistol.

Hone your ESP skills as you sit by the ocean and contemplate the size of your tongue, or sit in with a jazz combo as a Karate-ist Preacher chops through concrete in the name of God. Finally, a powerful wind sweeps over the waters and we count down to the moment of your last breath: the moment of Now.

VII. PINK - Tomorrow's Umbilical (52min)
Welcome to the future, adrift upon the fine line between Heaven and Hell. On this voyage, we will predict your eschatological future and let the 8-bit games of nuclear warfare commence, as Lowell "The Singing Midget" Mason serenades us toward immortality.  

Angelic chariots and celestial beings will be discovered and explained in The Book of Ezekiel, while Nostradamus makes a special appearance and reveals his predictions for the year 1999. Drifting further, nuclear mysticism is alive and well above the ocean, and the Dies Irae is presented in the form of a choice. What will you choose?

During this transonic odyssey, a critical message from "The UFO People" is relayed from an actual UFO abductee - delivered under circumstances so unbelievable that it may be difficult for you to accept. But for the safety and betterment of mankind, it is relayed to you here.

Finally, a suicidal teenager with a loaded gun faces his fear of distinguishing between the real and unreal, and merges the two by pulling the trigger on a tape-recorded message to friends and family. After stepping fully into the afterlife, will he finally get to meet The Big Man upstairs..?

Will you?


VII. CLEAR - The Cylinder Beyond Within (35min)

Tommy Forester...is dead.
Time ticks backwards, and the walls begin melting as a teenager crosses over to the beyond and turns into a graham cracker. The three essential qualities of the sonic universe are then revealed, and we exalt the earliest stereophonic recording on the 10th floor of Bell Telephone Laboratories from New York City on June 1st of 1934. 

Bear witness to a real-life exorcism, where a mid-western church minister conjures forth a demon-possessed woman's spirit of anger right before your very ears. Also, why are you staring at the light? And how long have you been staring at it? 

After attending your own funeral, we then take an elevator to the Upper Room, where You and God are communicating now.

What? What do you hear...? 
What do you say to the divineness within?

Lastly, we'll erect a long-overdue sonic monument to Thomas Edison, and you'll hear him speak the very first words spoken into the original phonograph in 1877, recorded with a rigid needle and some tin foil.

The Universe is your orchestra.