MotherSpeak - A South African Time Compression (55min)
A musical derivation of the infinite variety of sounds in the bushveld of Limpopo, South Africa and southern Botswana. Released worldwide on AudioBulb Recordings (UK), MotherSpeak is recorded in ultra-high definition sound with five highly contrasting tracks that range from invisible insect kingdoms to electric fence wires, Landrover engines, traces of wind, unknown underwater entities, and history. Features local resident and porter Will Mosima (spoken voice) and Vicki Hallet (Melbourne) on live clarinet. Streaming on all major platforms, a limited run of physical copies is also available.

The Holy Sea - phonograph & electronic sound (~6.5hrs)
Harvested from hundreds of pre-existing phonographic recordings of sound fx, self-hypnosis, religious rites and other musics, The Holy Sea is a five part theatrical sound odyssey loosely based on the structures of the liturgical mass. As a gradually unfolding work, it comprises a multi-channel sound experience installable in sacred venues or gallery spaces. 
1   Red - A Sacred Hypnosis (premiered at Alte Schmiede, Vienna, 36m)
2   White - A Computational Rite (45m)
3   Blue - A Semi-Sacred Teleportation (48m)
4   Green - The Xmas Gathering (35m)
5   Black - The Golden Door (42m)
6   Pink - Tomorrow's Umbilical (52m) 
7   Clear - The Cylinder Beyond Within (35m)
8 Purple - Dissolving the Ears of the Body Politic (41m)
9 Yellow - Opioids of Enlightenment (46m)
10 Silver - The Raindrop with a Broken Cape (coming soon)

Thou - electronic sound, 8m
An acousmatic autobiography that follows the thread of the monomyth, otherwise known as the hero-path. Harvested from the patterns of mythological narratives across cultures, Thou embraces a fundamental storytelling structure that has survived and developed across thousands of years. Its sound material derives from a variety of manipulated sonic impulses in this world, consisting of performers, instruments, artifacts or environments of my surroundings.
Premiered at Visiones Sonoras, Mexico City
47th Autumn Contemporary Music Festival, Cluj, Romania
Escucha Errante festival in Bilbao, Spain
Mise-En Music Festival, NYC

Drawn into the Sea - solo violin & electronic sound, 4m
Premiered by Karin Hellqvist (Sweden/Norway) also at the Passos Cultural Centre, Ponta do Sol, Madeira.

Medina: Sonic Images of Marrakech, 44m
Soundscape composition recorded during the week of the Marrakech Biennale. 

Becomes Wing Life, electronic sound for sleep, 40m
Featured in Wire Magazine's Tapper 32
Carolyn Trowbridge, percussion

Blood that Sees the Light, electronic sound, 9m
Premiered at Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey Festival
Zeppelin Festival, Barcelona
New Forms Festival, Vancouver


  • MotherSpeak (AudioBulb)

  • Becomes Wing Life (Quiet Design) 

  • Images of Marrakech (Quiet Design) 

  • Music for Film and Electro-Theatre (Quiet Design)

  • Poe's Detective (audiobook w/ Bronson Pinchot, BBC Audio/Go)

  • Blood that Sees the Light (Quiet Design)


  • Wire Tapper 32 (Wire Magazine)

  • Spectra - Guitar in the 21st Century (Quiet Design)

  • Computer Music Journal (dvd, MIT Press)

  • Deep Wireless (New Adventures in Sound Art)

  • Resonance - Steel Pan in the 21st Century (Quiet Design)